Meet Chef Calvin

Hello, my name is Calvin Silva, and I am approaching 40 years in the restaurant industry. As most chefs do, I have acquired my knowledge through a combination of schooling, apprenticeship and study. I have attended CIA [TIA1] in both Hyde Park, NY and Greystone in St. Helena CA. I have used the many faces of the food industry to craft the skills required to obtain longevity and success in the culinary field. I have worked in all areas of the field, from Regional Chef for a major food service company, Executive Chef for a country club in Colorado, and Corporate Executive Chef for a local coaching icon—just to name a few.

My experiences have run the spectrum from fast, casual, event, fine dining and everything in-between.

In the ever-changing landscape of food and dining trends, I dedicate time out of the day to study and keep current so I, along with my staff, can present a dining experience that is sure to please the senses.

I have cooked for celebrities, such as a young Tiger Woods, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Joan Rivers, Brooke Shields, sports figures and dignitaries. When it’s all said and done, I like to hold onto the following motto: “Cook for everyone like you’re cooking for the most important person in your life and you will satisfy the masses”.

I’ve appeared on local news channels, performing demos on their cooking programming. For instance, while in Colorado, I was featured in a series called “Chefs of the Front Range.”

I have consulted, conceptualized, built and opened numerous concepts and was a culinary instructor at a local school.

As an instructor, I have taught many of the cuisines found around the globe. This gives me a plethora of knowledge that I like to use as a global influence in a lot of my preparations—a technique we in the industry call mash-ups.

I have just about done it all, but my main focus now is to provide the best quality experience for our guests here at Tulli’s Taphouse. This will be achieved by building on the strong culinary foundation that formal training has provided, taking a humble approach by having the mindset that “I don’t know it all and can learn from anyone” and to continue to study my craft.

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